Is there perfect 'ready' time to answer the above? I've been thinking about challenging that now, after a year and a half of shooting other than travel and personal, let me introduce myself, a little properly and with some facts!

When I don't shoot, I am PA to Head of Risk & Assurance as well as PA to Group Finance for one of global businesses with headquarters in UK, photography is one pure love, for now..


I love travel however cliché and simple this may sound


I was born in USSR, yeah


I adore Rolling Stones and I have been lucky to have been to few of their live concerts


I am lucky to have one amazing man in my life, and that is my .. brother!


I love good wine, good breakfast and good book. Not necessarily in the same order!


I am not vegetarian, I simply don't eat most meat


My family moved to Estonia when I was a child


I only started learning photography after I have bought the cool 5d mark iii, don't ask me why!


I am not fan of gym, but I'll happily exercise at home or run somewhere in Great Park


I love all things Spa, & happy to go on my own


I adore minimalist Scandinavian live-and-breathe stylish interior design and I try and make my own place just like that


I am choosy when it comes to friends, I imply a lot to this


I am in love with Italy, and I travel there once a year


I love heels and yes, woman can be both good looking, sexual and smart


The best present I received for my birthday was the book called 'The Italian Dream'


My first degree is in Sociology


I've always been good at foreign languages, apart from English I also studied Italian at Tallinn University 


I have briefly worked for one of Estonian newspapers as a graduate journalist few years back


And, can you guess? I love writing, of course..